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The aim of the ECO-SHIP project is to increase the knowledge and skills of young people in the field of maritime education, environmental protection and sustainable development in the Baltic Sea basin.

Picture: Miika Karppinen

In summer 2022, Keep the Archipelago Tidy, Gdansk Sport Center and Klaipeda University organized an Eco-Ship training sailings, where young people aged 15–29 were trained to Environmental Officers as a part of two 14-day workshops in the form of cruises on board the historical STS Generał Zaruski. The idea is that young Environmental Officers can share their skills for example in their own sailing clubs. Both workshops were attended by 15 young people from Finland, Poland and Lithuania.

Towards a training concept for eco-friendly boating

The Eco-Ship project aims to develop an educational concept for eco-friendly boating. The concept will
help young boaters to learn about boating on the Baltic Sea. Both the educational material and the
educational concept are based on the experiences of the Eco-Ship training sailings organised in the
summer of 2022 and feedback from the participants of these sailings.

The educational concept is based on the Baltic Sailor Catalog, which has been compiled together with all the project partners. Baltic Sailor Catalog contains information on boating, the Baltic Sea and the environmental values of a boater, as well as tips and guidelines for educational workshops on the same topics. Although the educational material was originally aimed at young people, it is also suitable for guidance and training of adults.

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