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Environmental projects

The project work undertaken by Keep the Archipelago Tidy focuses, among other things, on marine and freshwater littering, eutrophication, and chemicalization, which impact on the aquatic environment. Through our national and international projects, we increase public interest and awareness on environmental issues and help to find solutions on these issues.

Reports and publications

Within projects, our activities include implementation and information distribution. Take a look at our selected
reports and publications.

Contact us

Project manager

Jutta Vuolamo

040 458 9156 jutta.vuolamo@pssry.fi

Marine biologist

Program manager

Julia Jännäri

040 455 7251 julia.jannari@pssry.fi

Clean Beach program

Project coordinator

Niklas Niemi

040 458 9495 niklas.niemi@pssry.fi

Marine biologist

Clean Beach coordinator

Ellen Rancken

040 128 6512 ellen.rancken@pssry.fi

District coordinator

Veli-Matti Hartikainen

045 7734 7989 veli-matti.hartikainen@pssry.fi

Projects in Päijänne and Saimaa Rokansaari